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Clean Code: Functional Programming

Clean code refers to a software code which is correctly formatted in a more organized manner so coders will have an easier time reading and modifying it. Writing or developing clean codes is extremely beneficial because it will allow you to become recognized as an effective and better web developer, coder or programmer. Learning everything about the clean coding habits will increase your chances of familiarizing yourself about the shifting standards and discrepancies associated to creating codes. Creating a clean code is a huge help in showing to the public that you meet the standards used in creating them. It prevents you from sifting through HTML that are poorly indented and stylesheets that are redundant. Learning more about clean coding habit can also help you save a substantial amount of money and time while also making sure that your websites can be easily accessed by future users and developers.

Team Work

—   One of the most important part of development!

Forming: This is where team members first meet. It’s important for team leaders to facilitate the introductions and highlight each person’s skills and background. Team members are also given project details and the opportunity to organize their responsibilities.

Storming: At this stage, team members openly share ideas and use this as an opportunity to stand out and be accepted by their peers. Team leaders help teams in this stage by having a plan in place to manage competition among team members, make communication easier, and make sure projects stay on track.

Norming: By now, teams have figured out how to work together. There’s no more internal competition, and responsibilities and goals are clear. Each person works more efficiently because he or she has learned how to share their ideas and listen to feedback while working toward a common goal.

Performing: There’s a high level of cohesion and trust between team members. Teams are functioning at peak efficiency with less oversight from team leaders. Issues still come up, but at this point, teams have strategies for resolving problems without compromising timelines and progress. ,


—   Technologies we use

Neta Solutions has FullStack developers dedicated on top technologies such as Vue, Python, Laravel, Node, Golang, Flutter and other frameworks-langs.



Some stats from our team. (Maybe not upto-date!)

Case Studies

— Nedis

Nedis.com Webshop project for B2B.

Laravel Powered custom e-commerce solutions by Neta Solutions.

Falsepeti Flutter Mobile App

Multi Platform

C2C Business Model

Fast and Stable

1M+ Users